Birthday gifts =)

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I'm a little late with this post, actually I'm a little late with all of my posts and I'm really sorry about that. This time I have a bit better reason than usually, I really could tell you all about it, but I'd rather focus on better things right now =)

On the 4th of August I turned 22. Yes, that much already! =)
I got loads of gifts from my friends and family and since I got quite a lot of nail polish related items I decided to share my gifts with you =)

I'm really proud to say that I don't have a lot of acquittance and buddies, but I DO have a lot of good friends =), and these good friends just know me too well =)

Since my friends are from all over the country I decided that I'm going to make 2 parties =). 

On the first party I invited my friends that I met in high school and junior school. We went bowling and I think it was fun to do something else for a change ( we usually go to the cinema and later on a pizza) . I don't have any pictures from bowling, so I'll just show you what I got from Sara (from Passing Fancy), Tadeja, Andreja and Barbara:

Purple ESPRIT Watch
I've been talking for like a year how I desperately need a watch so they decided to by me one. And I must say I'm really impressed upon their pick. It's really AWESOME!
( My parents decided to by me a watch too, and I picked that one in a shop, but I like this one much more =))))

They also got me Zoya: Julieanne and Zoya crystal nail file
I really love this nail file! I've been using glass nail files for almost 2 years, and I always buy a big version because I cant find a smaller one. I really have nothing against larger files, the only problem is that I constantly break them! I think that this one is just the right size that I won't be able to break it that easily. I already used it for about 3 times and I started to notice that my nails don't split like they used to when I used other glass nail files =)

I also got this cute birthday card.....

... and a planner for 2013, but I forgot to take pictures. 
I will show you pictures of my GORGEOUS planner in the next post, because I think you really must see it. Yes, it is that awesome!

 I invited friends that I made in college on my second party =)
Because Petra( one of my fiends I meet in college) has her birthday just 2 days behind me, we decided to celebrate together, and decided to make something more for our dearest friends. 
Again we went bowling ( I guess this is a real hit), before that we had a pizza and after the bowling there was a cocktail party =). It was really fun!
I do have pictures from that one, but you really don't want to see them =)

Now on to the gift
I got this gift from: Urša, Petra Irena, Lidija and Mojca
I got: 2 special KONAD polishes in pastel blue and pastel violet, awesome cat birthday card, a lot of coupons for shopping and Ritter sport pralines, which I already ate =)

I also got a lovely black butterfly watch from my parents
(the one that I was talking about earlier in this post)

I just LOVE all of my gifts!
Thank you again my dearest friends for giving me soooooo wonderful gifts =)
What do you think about them? 
Which part is your favourite? 

Here is a bonous picture of upcoming swatches from Essence Color change line =)

That is all for now =)


  1. Replies
    1. Biba, res so lepa. Letos so me zelo lepo presenetile punce, ker ponavadi dobim darilne bone =)

  2. Sama lepa darilca. Uri sta mi pa obe zelo lepi :)
    Drugače se pa še jaz spomnim kako si razlagala, da rabiš imet novo, zdaj maš pa kar dve.

    1. Haha, tole z urami je šlo resno predaleč =). Sem pa vesela, da so mi kupile gumjasto uro, ker sama nikoli nebi imela poguma da bi si jo kupila =)

  3. čestitam draga <3
    baš si stara ;-p
    krasni darovi, meni moje cure ne kupuju lakiće :-(

    1. nail crazy, res sem že stara =) Hvala =)
      Meni tudi ponavadi nihče ne kupi lakov, ke jih imam že preveč, ampak letos sem pa res dobila super darilo =)

  4. Krasna darila! Pa vse najboljše za nazaj!! :D
    In tista ura z metuljčkom je res luštna, iiii. Zdaj pa maš eno športno in eno elegantno :D

    1. Hvala =). Prav imaš, imam športno in elegantno, za vsako priložnost. Pa še moderna sm po vrhu =).

  5. natalsie, thank you very much !!! =)

  6. Ahhh! I missed your birthday! I'm sorry my dear friend, I hope you had a great day and it looks like you got some good stuff! I hope my swap package arrives safely soon :)

    1. Amanda, don't worry about it =). I missed your birthday too. MY day was great =)
      I really hope that package comes soon and safe to me =)

  7. Happy belated birthday! loving your presents, especially the purple watch :]

    1. Jeannius, thank you =). The purple watch was a real hit =)


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