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Taya from Sanje so večne ( Dreams are eternal) tagged me with the following questions:

7 things I have to do before I die:
*travel to all the countries I have on my WL
*finish my studies
*go bungee jumping
*jump with a parasuit
*make a public singing performance
*meet with a few nail polish junkies
*have a successful nail polish brand under the name Colorful bottles =)

7 things I say all the time:
*O šit ( oh shit)
*O fak ( fuck, but means: No way!)
*finača ( super cool)
*dobro te ( ok than)
*Ka si ti nor ( soething simmilar to OMg: literaly translated Are you crazy? )

7 things I'm good at:
*making jewelery
*singing( I hope so)
*polishing my nails
*comforting people
*being a good friend
*making a fool out of me
*spoiling people or animals

7 flaws
*hot tempered
*lazy for sporting

7 qualities:
I can't find them more =)

7 Bloggers:
I won't tag 7 bloggers, I'll tag all of my followers who are willing to answer those questions

I don't know if you remember, but I had a pool in December about your thoughts about my blog. Thank you all for answering.
I'm really happy that 9 out of 19 think that this blog doesn't need to change =). For all of those who answered that I should do more nail art and Konad, I'll try to do as many konad/nail art manicures as possible.
From now on, I'll open another pool with a question Which nail polish finish do you like?
Thank you all for answering =)


  1. I did bungee jumping and now jump with a parasuit is next!!! i'm super scared to do it...but I really want to do it. plus it's rather expensive to do =(

  2. Super odgovori. Mislim, da imave kar nekaj skupnih lastnosti. Tudi jaz sem precej lena za šport. :D
    Škoda, da nisi napisala več kvalitet. Jaz verjamem, da jih imaš več.

  3. Shortwidenails, I totally agree, but I think that it is definitely worth it, I just love adrenalin in my vains =)

    Taya, vem vsaj za dve skupni lasnosti, laki in nakit =), in seveda bi se jih še polno našlo =). Dobrih lastnosti pa nisem več našla, ker ponavadi na sebi vidim samo napake =)


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