Picture spam and the second part of shopping madness

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Firstly I'll show you the pictires of my light box as promised. I used this tutorial, which Nihrida published on her blog in this post. It took me about 30 minutes to find a box, cut out the paper on the sides and tape the tracing paper on it. I really didn't bother with the shape of my cuts, because it doesn't matter if the edge is totally straight when taking pictures. So here they are, bad pictures of my light box:

LB ready for action =)

In this picture you can see the table lamps I'm using and the size of the box compared to Meggie  

While I was trying to take some pictures of  the polishes I bought, Maggie was there trying to sabotage my attempts. She got busted by my camera.

I was really happy that I finally have a light box, so I had to take some pictures in it. This was the first object that I shoot.

Remember that I felt really bad about a month or two ago, because I wasn't able to take some decent pictures of a frosty polish. I tried again and I know that it isn't the best quality, but it is definitely better than it was back than. 

Yesterday I already showed you some pictures of the things that I bought, but  not all of it. I was shopping with my friend Sara, and when we shop together we really have no limits. We called our trip a SHOPPING MADNESS and I really think that it was a madness =).

Here are the polishes that I bought:

From L to R: Layla 12, Alessandro: Green green baby, Alessandro Hotty pink and probably joy:71

I also bought Once Upon a Time from Essence LE: Fairytale 

I hope you enjoyed my picture spam =)

P.S. If you haven't noticed I have a pool in the upper right corner. I would really appreciate your honest opinion. =)


  1. Super LB! Hvala za slikice, res zgleda super. Moram kmalu na lov za dobro žarnico in papir ter akcija. Potem pa slikati. :) In slike so res super. :)

    Kje se pa dobijo Layla laki? Se dobijo tudi njihovi njihovi crackle laki? Ö Meggie je pa tako cortkana. :)

  2. Js mam kr navadne žarnice not, tiste ki so ble že od začetka v svetilkah, papir sem pa tud kupla v papirnici,( pa sm misla, da morem vsaj v LJ po papir). Slike je pa zaj res fajn delat, pa še straha ni, da si zamusil svetlobo, ker je tam svetlo kadarkoli hočeš =)

    Layla lak sm pa kupla v Limmoniju za okrog 6€, crackle laka pa nism vidla, ampak je pa nekaj lakov kr simpatičnih( meni zeleni s šimrom in vijolčni s šimrom, tebi vrjetno 3 rozasti =))

  3. i ti si dohvatila once upon a time :sigh: meni je promaknuo, cekam eventualno da se dm smiluje i ne preskoci ovu kolekciju

  4. Lendoxia, upam da ti ga bo uspelo dobit =)

  5. i loved i mde a box too, see


  6. i looooooooooooooooooove cats, i have 12

  7. Isabel, your LB is awesome, I love it.
    Wow, 12 cats is a lot=). It must be a blast living with them =)


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