When life gives you lemons, make a (sweet) lemonade

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Hi, I passed Physic too, another reason to be happy, though today I was supposed to have a bad day.

I have some serious issues with my father's relatives because they have been making my life miserable and making  me think of myself like I don't deserve to be alive for years. Today I meet one after a long time, and he totally humiliated me(again), so this was supposed to be bad, especially because every time he did this, I burst into tears, but today I said to myself: " When life gives you lemons, make a sweet lemonade.". Because I thought how difficult life can sometimes be, the word life associated me with this song:
This song has funny lyrics and is really jolly so I suddenly felt happy and satisfied again. I was also proud of myself because he didn't ruin another day of mine =)). ( I enjoyed every single sip of that lemonade)

I didn't write this that you would feel sorry for me. I just wanted to give you a proof that it is you(me), who can define the limits of your(my) happiness!

To continue with the polish. I applied a coat of Joy G113 over Miss Sporty 160 ( Where have the names gone? I really miss them). This is really a bad picture, nor color, nor the sparkle isn't the way it was, but I removed this manicure yesterday, and I can't take another picture =(.

 I also wanted to see it matte, and because I was spending some time with my little princess(Meggie), I played with camera a bit. This is what I "created"
 This manicure is something I will definitely repeat for Christmas. It really reminded me of Christmas. Does it remind you of Christmas too?

Another picture of Meggie ( I hope I'm not exaggerating with animal pictures)

Wow, I really couldn't stop while writting *blush*. I'd like to tell you only one more thing. I have another blog about my hand made things here, and I don't mind If you pay a visit from time to time =).

Till next time XOXO colorfilbottle


  1. Upam, da bo vse v redu! :* Super manikura in res spominja na Božič, joj še dober mesec pa bo tu, jupiiiiiiiii. Meggie je pa toooooook cute. <3 Prav lepotička je!

  2. Manikura je prelepa in tudi mene spominja na božič. Super, da si odprla blog o svojem ustvarjanju, ga že spremljam. :)

  3. Krasni su ti radovi,baš ti ide od ruke!
    Lak je super,mogla bih ga i sama potražiti...
    a rodbina...to su oni ljudi koji bi nas trebali voljeti i prihvaćati onakve kakvi jesmo?
    Ne optrerećuj se glupostima,ima nas na žalost svakakvih :-)
    p.s. zaboravila sam macu spomenuti,preslatka je :-)

  4. Super kombinacija! Čestitke za opravljen izpit, sem imela eno leto fizike in mi ni jasno kako sem naredila izpit ;) Meggie je pa tud gorđs <3

  5. Hej! Čestitam za izpit :D

    Nadležne sorodnike pa ignoriraj! Drži se *hugs*

  6. Ivana,hvala. Res komaj čakam božič. Meggi, bi pa tudi zardela če bi lahko, ko jo vedno tako hvališ =)

    Taya, hvala za komentar in spremljanje =)

    Nail crazy, HVALA, glede rodbine imaš zelo prav =)

    Ina, hvala, meggie je pa tud že cela zavistna =)

    Biba, hvala za čestitke. Sorodnike pa že res ene 3 leta poskušam ignorirat, in to je bil prvi uspeli poskus, zato sem še toliko bolj ponosna =)))


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