No. 10

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This is the 10 th nail art design( I'm not sure if water marbling is really in a part of nail art, but I don't care). I successfully completed my challenge of making 10 different designs =). Yay for mee...

I used a technique called water marbling. All I can say is that this is a messy way to "polish" nails. I think that I won't be doing that for a while =)))
Here are the pictures:

I deliberately hid my ring finger, because it is a disaster =(I only like the thumb

This one is taken with flash

I used Maybelline NY colorama: Party blue and Catrice: Hot or not?

That is all for today, I'll be back tomorrow with a review and another polish. Do you have a specific polish from my collction in mind? =)


  1. Beautıful marble

    my blog

  2. Meni je pa všeč! :P Res ti je lepo uspelo! :) Meni se je pa marbling zameru, ker sm neki časa nazaj polila lonček z vodo in že nakapanim lakom po hlačah in jih tako uničila. :( Bad luck, I guess. :D Ampak moram probat spet enkrat. =)

    Za jutri... Hmmmm... Naj bo.... Nekaj jesenskega (sm skor rekla PINK x))!

  3. youknow, tnx xD

    Ivana, hvala, upam da niso bile najboljše hlače=(.
    Za jutri bom pa probala nekaj jesenskega poiskat =)

    Veve, thank you =)

  4. Vau, tole je čudovito. Kombinacija barv mi je zelo všeč. :)

  5. Of course water marbling is art! I think this looks great.

  6. This turned out well! I like the patterns you were able to make.

  7. Taya, hvala meni je tudi všeč kombinacija, vendar se mi zdi da je prevelik kontrast med barvama =)

    Megan, thank you =))

    ABOP, tnx, I watched a tutorial on youtube a long time ago =)


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