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I've been really busy this week, I had to take care of some college things and my uncle is seriously ill so I go to hospital almost every day and again I have lazy days=). I took quite some pictures this week, so I think I will trash you with them today.

Firstly let mi present you click&colour line from Essence. This pens look like this:
They were selling this pens for over a year and I never bought them, because I thought they are pretty expensive. Since they were on sale I bought 2. I had to try one of them out and I decided to try vivid violet. On the pictures there are 2 coats, but I think that third would be necessary too. It is frosty and I think that because I had real problems with application(never had enough polish on the brush) made this polish even frostier. I really like the color itself, maybe I'll once try to decant this polish in a bottle and then apply it on my nails=).
The brush:

Here are the pictures:

I'm sorry for really bad pictures.

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