Three challenge part 3-1: soft

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Time to post my soft manicure!
I'm really sorry I'm so late, I'm really working on it =)

For this manicure it was obvious that it wasn't meant to be a success =).
In my imagination it looked great and it probably would look great if I used a different nail polish, sponge more carefully and pick a different TC =)
I should explain a bit the last sentence =)
I should pick a bit more darker purple so the sponging effect would stand out more, the next mistake was that because I really wanted it to be perfect I sponged on to many layers and I ended up with bumps. Because I picked to light colour the stamping turned out too subtitle (even for a soft manicure), an the last mistake was TC, I used essence gel look TC, which made bumps make even bigger. Pictures don't flatter my manicure ether =). I definitely love the idea so I'll probably recreate it, but with different polishes =)

I used:
Catrice: Lucky in Lilac
China Glaze: Light as air
and some random stmping plates =)

What do you think? 
Would you like to see another version of this manicure?

Here are all the other girls that participate in three challenge
( and most of them published their last manicure today)

P.S. I'm really sorry for such a depressing post 2 days ago. I was really down, and tired, but I'm really working on things that are going on in my head, and I promise that I won't whine about things like that on my blog, especially because doing nails makes me happy and I want to keep this blog a happy place =). For me and all of my sweet readers =)

Thank you all for your support! Sometimes I just couldn't done it without you!


  1. No need to apologize sweetie, we are all entitled to be sad and feel down... what matters is that you feel better now which I hope you do... sending a HUGE hug your way :)
    I LOVE the manicure hun :)
    I think it looks great :) The light colors make it looks really soft :)

  2. I actually really like it! Maybe some of the designs blend together but it gives it a foggy look that I find very charming ^_^

  3. It's very soft and delicate, I love it!!

  4. wow!this is amazing!i really love your blog!i think you have done a great job!following each other?if you want to follow me you can do it on bloglovin and gfc!

  5. Nehaj, manikura je popolna! Barve, vzorci, vse je super! :) Meni je zelo všeč, če jo vidimo pa še enkrat, pa še toliko boljše! :D

  6. prelijepa ti je manikura, izabrala si super bojice i uzorke :D

  7. This mani is lovely!!! so delicate!!!

  8. This is so lovely. The gradient is really subtle and feminine and your stamping is pretty too! <3


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