Black and white challenge day 6

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Sorry for not posting for a while. I'm really busy with my college and I was a bit uninspired so this two things are probably the main reason why I haven't posted for a while. 

For day 6 in our challenge I had to make a manicure with coloured base and white on it. I tried to do something in white and blue, but it was a complete fail, and than I removed it and made quite satisfying manicure, but I was able to ruin it before I took pictures, and later my grandmother got sick...... Anyway I was able to recreate this manicure a while ago, but I wasn't able to publish it yet.
I used:
Konad white for stamping
Essence Fame Fatal as a base
and Konad m31

Here is the result:

I liked it a lot =)

I'll be back tomorrow with black and white with glitters 

P.S. Keep your fingers crossed for me because I have an exam tomorrow =)

Here are all the other girls that participated in this challenge:


  1. O glej jo! Zgublena duš'ca se je vrnila!

    I love this red and white flowers make it so perfect!

  2. super je, konačno smo i tvoju dočekali ;-D
    ovaj bijeli cvjetak na prstenjaku je totalno začinio manikuru *.*
    držim ti fige, vjerujem da ćeš na ispitu biti dobra <3

  3. Punci, hvala vama! Brez vaju vrjetno res nebi nikoli več napisala nobene objave! Hvala za vso spodbudo, ki mi jo dajeta!!
    Super sta!


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