Sunny side up

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Hi, again I'm gonna tell you how behind I am with posting, but, I just can't find enough energy to write something else than a brief description of a polish and even for that I need about 3 days . 
So here it goes: I applied 2 coats, on some nails there are 3, I didn't applied top coat,it bubbled on 1 nail, but applied nicely. 

Wet'n'Wild: Sunny side up:
I think the color is the most realistic in the picture above

I don't like the way orange looks on my nails, though orange was my best color for about 4 years.
Do you like the way orange looks on your nails?


  1. Ni ja ne volim kako narandžasta izgleda na mojim noktima. Mislim da čak niti jedan narandžasti lak nemam.

  2. this one is so pretty! orange only looks ok on my nails =/

  3. Love this one on you! I do like orange on me, but haven't gotten round to trying this one yet.

  4. I like this polish =] I've only tried it over white, but it's pretty on its own!

  5. Lalic, ja jih imam puno, a nikdar ne pridejo na vrsto =)

    Katrina, I'm glad that there are girls like you, who likes to wear orange polishes =)

    ABOP, I can't wait to see it on your nails =)

    Janna, tnx =)

  6. wonderful post!

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