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Today I have a beautiful holographic nail polish to show you. It is from Color Club and it is called Revvvolution. I used 2 coats, though 1 would suffice. It applied nicely and dried pretty fast. I know that this polish has been showed too many times, but it wasn't on my blog so here are the pictures:
I was really lucky, because yesterday when I took the pictures the sun was shining, son that now I can show you Revvvolution at best. But still I had to show you one in the shadow.

A "friend" I found at the balcony:
I am afraid of spiders and I think that this fear slightly makes me arachnophobic, but you can't love all animals.
How do you feel about spiders? Is there an animal that you are really afraid of?


  1. so cute

    my blog

  2. I hate spiders. They scare me :( I'm arachnophobic. Color Club Revvvolution is beautiful, I have not tried mine yet.

  3. LOVE Revvvolution!!!! and i haaaaate spiders! =/

  4. I have Revvolution in my untrieds. but not for long ;)

    I hate spiders too... ick!

  5. LOVE that color!! I don't mind spiders, but I'd rather see a dead spider than a crawling spider.

  6. Krasen je! <3

    Pajki pa..... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :)

  7. Girls thank you all for your comments =)

    It is nice to know that I'm not the only one who is afraid of spiders=)


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